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Why Transition to Online Learning?

In today’s dynamic educational landscape, the shift to online learning is no longer a mere trend—it’s a necessity. And here’s why you should be at the forefront of this digital revolution:

Streamlined Learning Experience

Say goodbye to the chaos of scattered course materials. By consolidating everything onto one platform, students gain the power to manage their learning journey effortlessly. Imagine having all your resources neatly organised, accessible anytime, anywhere.
It's a game-changer.

Empowering Independent Learning

Online learning empowers students to take control of their education. They can craft their own schedules, transforming into confident, multitasking learners. No longer confined by rigid timetables, they become masters of their own time.

Meeting Student Expectations

In the era of Educational Technology (EdTech), students increasingly expect comprehensive online course offerings. They want the flexibility to complete full courses online or access digital materials post-class to reinforce their understanding, practice questions, and revise. Embrace online learning to meet these expectations.

Personalised Learning

Every student has a unique learning journey and style. Online learning environments allow for personalised experiences, catering to diverse needs. It's the key to maximising comprehension and information retention.

Digital Assessments: A Win-Win

Going digital isn't just about course materials; it extends to assessments too. By digitising everything, from chapter quizzes to full mock exams, you offer students an experience that mirrors the ever-evolving world of EdTech assessments. Familiarity with the format and layout of digital assessments is invaluable in today's educational landscape.

Simplify and Save Time

Teachers and tutors, this one's for you. Digital assessments not only benefit students but also educators. They save you precious time and energy by automating the marking and reporting process. More time for impactful teaching, less time spent on administrative tasks.

"Implementing the FILS learning management platform elevated our ACCA/CIMA delivery with its seamless and easy to use functionality and enhanced learning experience.  Updated contents and passionate lecturers are the key to ensure students exam success."

Mr Jay, Principal Lecturer

Course Design

Elevate Your Content

Are you looking to revamp your course materials and create a captivating learning experience? Our expert team specialises in course design, offering valuable insights on:

  • Structure and Layout: Crafting a logical and engaging flow for your course content.
  • Formatting: Ensuring that your content is visually appealing and easy to navigate.
  • Language and Instructions: Refining language to maximise clarity and understanding.
  • eLearning Platform Features: Leveraging the power of our eLearning platform to incorporate features like automated emails, keeping students engaged and informed.
Asset Digitisation

From Paper to Pixels

Transitioning from traditional paper-based classroom materials to dynamic digital resources has never been easier. We specialize in asset digitisation, seamlessly transforming your analog assets into digital wonders. Say goodbye to bulky textbooks and hello to a world of interactive online resources.

Assessment Build

Shaping the Future of Evaluation

Assessment lies at the heart of education, and we’re here to digitise it for you. Our assessment build services cover the entire spectrum:

  • Multiple Choice Questions: Design and build automatically marked multiple choice questions, saving you time and ensuring consistent evaluation.
  • Complex Questions: Dive into more complex territory with essay questions and spreadsheet assessments. These can be marked either by an online tutor or even by the students themselves, all with inbuilt guidance for precision and understanding.

What We Offer

Ready to embark on your eLearning journey? Let’s transform your course content, embrace the future of education, and empower both educators and learners. It’s time to revolutionise the way you teach and the way your students learn.

Welcome to the world of eLearning design.

At eLearning Design, we are your partners in the digital transformation of education. We offer a comprehensive range of services designed to elevate your teaching experience and enhance your students’ learning journey.

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